Student Certificate

About our certificates

This certificate was awarded for successful completion of the Adobe Illustrator CC - Advanced Training.

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Course syllabus

This online course provided advanced skills in Adobe Illustrator. Topics covered included - productivity and workflow techniques, current design styles, anchor point and pen tool techniques, master techniques for drawing lines and strokes, vectorizing and coloring hand drawn sketches, depth and perspective, typography, charts and graphs, creating elements for InDesign documents, gradient meshes and working with color adjustments. These skills have been demonstrated through completed projects.

How our students earn certificates

Our students earn their certificates by watching a structured course syllabus of videos, following along with practical exercises and completing class projects. For some of our certificate levels, students also complete knowledge quizzes and final creative projects. Students are supported by our team of Teaching Assistants while they work towards their certificates and all submitted class projects are checked by our team before awarding the certificate.

About Bring Your Own Laptop

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