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Figma UI UX Design Essentials

Class Project 09 - Making stuff

Daniel Walter Scott

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Oh man, another class project, ah, you're enjoying it, I hope you are. So this one here is kind of filling in for a chunk we've done, a lot of drawing stuff. Basically this stuff here, the icons and the buttons, click the frame, 'Shift 2' zooms it right in, there you go. 

These three along the top of these two buttons, so what do you have to do? Make buttons with text in it, just like the ones I did, you don't have to, you can decide on your buttons, you don't have to do the squiggle edges or-- I've done an outline version, you might use different colors, might be square edged, but get those going, and I want you to create three icons. I've picked these three boring ones, that we've been kind of making in the class, but you can pick any three, actually, make sure one of them is the Nav, which is an easy one to make, but hey ho. 

So make three of them, and you've got to draw them yourself, you can't go off and find them from icon places, I'll know, I've seen them all, every single one of them. So pick three, any three you like, what I'd like you to do though is, hey, if you've got a little bit more time do five of them, pick any five, and if you're super keen I want to see you do them all. See if you can crack all of these guys. 

Now I've put them in what I think is the most easiest to draw down, so, hardest one, shopping cart, easiest one, burger menus. So you're going to pick only three, go for the hard ones if you feel like you can, but anyway, all I really need is three, but do as many as you can. 

Now one little note is, when you are drawing icons, icons aren't easy, so don't worry, if you're drawing them, and they all don't quite match, and look a bit horrible, that's not what the goal of this here is, it's, the goal is to practice drawing. So I'd like to see the ones you've done, both with the projects and assignments section, plus on social media as well. You're not going to be judged based on like how amazing they are, it's about showing where you're at right now, and getting some maybe feedback from other people. 

Now a good start for drawing icons is to start with a square, it can be any size, but it can be quite nice to start with 'R' tool, draw this out, and make it a width and height of about 48, it's a really common kind of icon designing size, and it just means, when you're drawing in that, draw your icon inside, and kind of use the edges. 

You don't have to go with complete edges, but just know that these little units, you're going to stack these icons next to each other, so it can be handy to draw them inside squares, just to give yourself some boundaries, and know, like when I drew this one, it does feel a bit, not quite wide enough, so I tried filling it out and ended up making like a short squat person. 

You'll notice as well that I have rounded the shoulders, I feel like he's not much of a bouncer anymore, anyway. So three icons, make some buttons, and I want you to give it a test, test it on your phone, just to see, are the buttons easily clickable, can they be seen, is the font big enough on your buttons, can it be smaller, can it be bigger, just to give it a little test of what you make. 

The deliverables here are screenshot of what icons you've created, three, five, all of them, and take a screenshot of your Home page kind of laid up like that, this guy, 'Shift 2', don't need this. Upload it to the assignment/project section, and I'd also love to see what you make on social media as well. 

So screenshots, icons, screenshot, home page, off you go, enjoy the drawing, I'm interested to see what you actually create, all right, next video.