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Figma UI UX Design Essentials

Do I need to know Illustrator with Figma?

Daniel Walter Scott

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What are we doing in here, this isn't Figma, this is Illustrator, do I need to know Illustrator to work in Figma? The answer is, no. You can get quite far with Figma, drawing things, drawing icons, drawing logos, illustrations, it's got all the basics in there, but there will be a time where actually you need to do some custom stuff. We'll demo it a little bit in this video, just to kind of show you, and then show you, how easy it is to kind of flick back and forth, between Figma and Illustrator. So no, to be UX designer you do not need to know Illustrator, but it's a handy tool, let me show you why. 

So I'm going to show you a little bit of Illustrator, to show you the, where, kind of like Figma stops, you can get by with Figma to do a lot of what Illustrator does, but it's not made for it. So Illustrator does pick up quite quickly, and you're like, actually, maybe I do need to learn Illustrator. If you already have the skills, they're not wasted, if you don't have the skills, you might join my Illustrator Essentials or Illustrator Advanced courses, check those out. anyway, I'm just going to draw this, I'm going to, I guess just show you, a couple of the things that make Illustrator, why I come back to it, especially for logo or icon design. 

So I'm just going to, I don't know, I'll zoom through this, but I'm just going to, like this is a drawing that I've done, it's one of the things we do in one of the courses. So I've drawn it, I'm just going to build it out with circles, you wait there. So I'm just kind of like making a bunch of circles, let's carry on again. So I've just got a bunch of circles, let me turn-- let me show you the-- background layer off, and it's just handy because you can select them all, and one of the kind of, my most favorite tools, is the Shape Builder tool. 

In one of the previous videos we use kind of Boolean, kind of like Pathfinder in here, and it's fine, but oh, Shape Builder, you're ready? So let's hold down the 'Option' key on a Mac, 'Alt' key on a PC, just kind of like drag through the stuff we don't want, woohoo, look how fast and good this is. 

All right, and now that I want to color it, actually yeah, I want to color it, I'm going to go through and just pick some random colors for this one, start with the light one, and this ear in here, instead of holding down Option, hold down nothing, and you can join things up, look at that. Work my way through the colors, just the defaults, kind of good for a fox, though. You're kind of impressed, oh, it's fun, I love Illustrator. The reason why, as a UX designer, it's still often part of the kind of tools you need. Select it all, and have, no Stroke. 

The cool thing about it is, watch this, working within Figma, or like, kind of transitioning back and forth is super simple. So I've selected it all, copied it, and I'm going to jump into Figma. I'm just going to paste it, it's a bit big, move over here, but you can see, comes through as a frame, which is awesome, and it's even more awesome, because I can go inside that frame, and it's all still editable, I can make adjustments in here. 

So you might do your drawing work in there, but in here, you can still make adjustments, but I can also go through and actually start picking, my kind of corporate colors. So you wait there, I'm going to color it, and remember, if we've got colors, I need one, like another color, to go darker. So I can click on this one, and actually, just break the link, and go, actually, let's just go a smudgy bit darker for this one.

Cool, so working between Illustrator and Figma is super easy, just copy and paste, you don't have to export, and it remains editable and scalable, and good. We have no reason for this fox-- I just, it's in here. 

All right, that's it, maybe after this course, whether it's my training, or somebody else's, go check out Illustrator if you haven't already. If you are a master of Illustrator, or at least, maybe you're self-taught, check out my Illustrator Advanced course. All right, on to the next video.