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Daniel Walter Scott

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Hello, you made it in, congratulations, welcome to the course. First things first, is you need to download the Exercise Files, there is, there'll be a link on this page here, download those. In those Exercise Files will be the files we'll use for the course, but also there will be a shortcut sheet. We won't go too deep into mad shortcuts here, but there are just some super useful ones, that you'll need to know by the end of the course. So print that sheet out, and you can circle the ones you really like.

Also, you need a version of Figma, so Figma, go to, either use the browser version, so sign up, use the browser version or download the desktop version, there is absolutely nothing, no difference between the two. I'm going to use the desktop version, because I'm old and I like things, being on my desktop, for no good reason, because they're exactly the same, so it doesn't matter. 

You'll also know, from only watching a tiny bit of my video, that I talk fast, I've had a lot of coffee, it's early, I do slow down, but if you find that I speak very fast, or maybe English isn't your first language, and you find my accent a little tough, there will be, on all the videos, there's like a little cog, where is it? Down there, you'll be able to click that and slow me down to a slower version, I sound a little weird but it's, it might make it easier for you, and that is it. 

Ah, free version, paid version, we are going to use, the free version for most of the course, mainly because it's amazing, like it's amazing what Figma have decided to, allow to be free, versus what is paid. Towards the end of the course I will show you why you might want to jump up to the paid, but you can get quite far as, like a professional designer, using the free version, but I will show the perks for paid later on. 

Also, Figma is always updating, which is amazing to me as a designer, means new features come out all the time, they re-jig things to make it simpler and easier, and include more advanced features. It is really painful for me as an instructor, because basically I, I know this, as soon as I finish recording this course, they're going to go and shuffle some bits around, so keep an eye out for that. If it's fundamental stuff, I'll re-record the videos, if it's just small stuff, just take a look, often it can be just a name change, it's in the same place, does the same job but maybe they've called it something else, or clarified a little bit. 

Also, check the comments below, either I'll leave a comment if it's just a small change, or other students will as well, so just keep an eye out on that. Yay, for lots of updates, boo, for lots of updates. All right, let's get on to the next video.