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Adobe Photoshop CC - Essentials Training

How to remove people & text from a picture in Photoshop

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, in this first of the retouching videos, we're going to look at Content Aware Fill. It gets used for doing things like this. Ready, steady, magic. It's really good for those first steps where you need to block out some objects before you get into some of the finer details. Let's look at this one. Hello text, goodbye text. Cool, huh? It's quick, it's easy, it's super awesome, and goodbye, man. This is one of those Photoshop magic things where you're just like, how? Why? So good! Let's learn how to do it now in Adobe Photoshop. 
First thing is, let's open up a bunch of images. Let's go to 'File', 'Open', and in your 'Exercise Files' we're now in this '09 Retouching' folder. I want you to open up all four of these, so we've got Content Aware Fill 01, 02, 03, and 04. We're going to start with kind of like easy to hard. So we're going to start with this 01 from Malvestida magazine. We looked at this earlier on when doing Vibrance. Let's say the clients come back, and said "Actually I want these three things removed." Now first of all we need to select them. In this case, this is one of the few times I use the Lasso Tool I showed you earlier on. This is one of the times I use it a lot, when I'm trying to remove things. Click and hold down, we'll just use the, instead of the regular Lasso Tool, we're going to use the Polygonal one. Polygonal, it's one of those. And with this one we click once, click again. Just kind of work your way around, clicking once, not holding anything down, just kind of working my way around this. Including the shadow, and the big bag here. You can be really vague with the selections for this tool. It's pretty amazing. 
Let's go to 'Edit', and go to 'Fill'. Now this thing is called Content Aware Fill. It's hidden in 'Fill', and it's amazing. So many people don't discover because it's kind of hiding in here. Click on 'Fill', we've used black, white. Yours might need to be changed to Content Aware. Then click 'OK'. Kick back, relax. Magic. Cool, huh? I'm going to go to 'Select', 'Deselect'. It's done a pretty amazing job. There's a little tiny bit of something in there, but it's hard to tell. Let's do it again for the lipstick. So I'm going to click once, click again. I'm going to go around, just clicking around the outside. 'Edit', 'Fill'. 'Content Aware', give it a click. Magic. I do love that, such an easy trick to show people. 'Deselect'. 
Now it works really really well with small things in a larger picture. If I try and remove this bag it's going to freak out. I'll show you how much it's going to freak out, let's go around the edges. I'm just clicking once. Gives it a good go, like it's pretty amazing how much of a go it gives it. Let's go to 'Edit', 'Fill, 'Content Aware', click okay, and It's pretty good. It's a good starting point at least. You can start to see all the kind of weirdness going on depending on the quality of your video you might have-- you might be on a really slow internet connection, you might not see it, it might look perfect. But trust me, it's a little bit manky, a little bit. 
Let's move into another one, so 'Content Aware Fill 02'. This one's not particularly harder. We're going to use just the Rectangle Marquee Tool here because it's nice and easy. Part could be Graffiti on a wall. Now this is going to work mainly because there's an uneven wall. If it was a perfectly well laid wall with no kind of defects it might look not as good. Let's go to 'Edit', let's go to 'Fill', and get ready, get steady. Cool, huh? 'Deselect'; it kind of fudges the edges. There is no way of telling where the defects are on this wall because the wall is so forgiving. Let's look at some less forgiving work, under 'Content Aware Fill 03'. 
This one here has too many, like geometric shapes, and there's too many kind of differences here. Those first two examples were nice ones where the background was all consistently the same texture. This one here is going to be okay. I'll go back to my Lasso Tool. Zoom in. Now this is where you might spend a little bit more time being closer because the background is so different. So I'm going to go around them and spend a little bit more time clicking. I'll get the editor to speed this up. 
We're back. That took me all of about a minute. So we're going to go to 'Edit', 'Fill', and go 'Content Aware Fill', and go again. Let's hit 'Deselect'. It's pretty good, you know there's some obvious defects there but at a glance there's like, you can see the edge of that's not great, but man, it's pretty close. There's a shadow that we probably need to remove often but in all honesty, other than now grabbing the Rectangle Tool and kind of grabbing bits, copying and pasting them, moving them over with the Move Tool and trying to, maybe feather the edges, that's where I go to next, and that's the only real other way. 
So it's done a pretty neat job. Now before I move on to the next bit I just want to show you, like we haven't used the Lasso Too very much, and you might be finding it quite problematic, so I'm going to move the person back in, and I'm going to show you a couple of things you might run into with the Lasso Tool. So if you are finding this Polygonal Lasso Tool super hard to use just go to this Lasso Tool, the first one. Just click hold, and you can just drag around it if you've got a steady enough hand. That will work fine. But if you do really want to master this Polygonal-- I'm going to stop saying it now. One with the straight edges, watch this, if I click once, and then sometimes if I get close to the edges, it really wants to do this. 
I'll show you because when I teach people this happens all the time, they kind of end up in no man's land, and they're like, 'Oh man, how do I get back?" The trick is, once you've finished, like, got lost, hit 'Esc' on the keyboard. That's you're like, "I'm giving up, I'm going to start again" button. Esc on the keyboard. The other thing is, if you do go all the way around - I'm cheating here by doing it in nice big chunks. - you get back here, and you're like "It won't finish, why can't I find the end?" What you can do is just double click. And it will find the end, and join it up for you. So those are the two things you might run into when you're using that tool. 
You can use any tool, you can use the Quick Mask Selection and go into that Select and Mask, and expand it. That could be a good way of doing it but I don't think you're going to get much better results. Now this last example here, 04, this has the same problem as the last one. I want you to practice on this one though. Go around the edges with a Selection Tool, any tool you like. See if you can get rid of this young man. He's ruining out shot. How dare he get in there? 
All right, that's going to be it for Content Aware Fill; I love this tool. When I'm retouching, and kind of removing things, it's a really easy way to get rid of the kind of first bulk stuff. You might have a great image except for that one thing they got in the shop. Might be something that you left there or rubbish on the ground. Content Aware Fill is a nice, quick, and easy way to retouch. All right, I will see you in the next retouching video