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"I'm an authorized instructor & winner of 2 Adobe MAX awards. Here at Bring Your Own Laptop, I'm continually trying to make the worlds best beginner & advanced Adobe courses."

Adobe Certified Professional Adobe Max Master Award

Daniel Walter Scott

Designer & Adobe Certified Professional

Daniel Walter Scott
Your Instructor
I discovered the world of design as an art student when I stumbled upon a lab full of green & blue iMac G3’s. My initial curiosity around using the computer to create ‘art’ developed into a full-blown passion, eventually leading me to become a digital designer and founder of Bring Your Own Laptop.

Sharing and teaching are a huge part of who I am. As a certified Adobe instructor, I've had the honor of winning multiple Adobe teaching awards at their annual MAX conference. I see Bring Your Own Laptop as the supportive community I wished for when I was first starting out and intimidated by design. Through teaching, I hope to bring others along for the ride and empower my students to bring their stories, labors of love, and art into the world.

True to my Kiwi roots, I've lived in many places, and currently, I reside in Ireland with my wife and kids.