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Dreamweaver - Coding your first website using Dreamweaver 2018

Lasts things now that you’re a coder

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 12 of 13

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All right, so, to wrap up, the last things you need to do, I guess, to kind of complete a website is to create other pages. And let me just quickly briefly go into it as it is, literally we just create another page, like we did this one, and let's say we're going to start with the basis of our home page. There's our 'idex.html'. So, I would like to-- I'm just going to start with it, so I'm going to duplicate it. ‘Edit’, 'Duplicate'. There’s this one called 'Copy'. I'll rename it. 'Edit'. 'Rename'. And I’ll call this one my 'Contact-Me' page. 

Remember no spaces, just use hyphens, or underscores, so I've got this. I'll ‘double click’ it to open it. I got my 'index' page, my 'home' page, and now this 'Contact us' page. And what we're going to do in this one is, is you go in through, and start changing it depending on your design from, say, Photoshop. So, I'm going to change this to, maybe, 'Contact Me', and I'm going to get rid of that. You start styling this page. Let's have a look at it in the browser. Here it is. So, you can see, this is my 'Contact Me' page. I've got rid of that top bit. I've still got my home page. So if I switch back to this one, here he is, here's my 'home' page, and my 'Contact Us' page looks very similar. And as that goes through now, I decide on how many columns I want, what's going to go in those columns, add 'text', add 'type', probably a form in this one. 

Now, to connect the two. So, let's go to 'index', and I want to connect them up. Remember, we used hashes before, so up here, we use hash '#', so what I'm going to do is, delete the hash '#', and I'm going to call it 'Contact'. As you can see, pre-fills it in. Nice! 

So my menu now, when I click on 'Contact Me' should jump out to this one. Preview it in the browser. Great! So on my home page, I click on 'Contact Me', and it goes to my 'Contact Me' page. And, yes, that's it then. Go off, and build yourself some pages, and connect them up to this one. Now, the other things you can do is, I've got a bunch of other courses, and there is one for Photoshop. We just kind of had a mock-up at the beginning. There's a Photoshop for Web Design course that I've got. And there's also a larger course. This one here, I guess is a short one. It's a few videos here for responsive web design. I've got a long one, it's about 50 videos, and it's to do with something called Bootstrap. It's in Dreamweaver, and it's kind of a next step after this one. We kind of show you some of the same features, but it's a lot more detailed. We'll get into that one. There's a UX course, becoming a UX designer, and there's things about domain names. 

Other things you can do, if you're a trainer, and you've got enough to teach this one here, I've got teacher resources. Have a look here, on the site here, there'll be a link for teacher resources. And there's notes that you can get your hands on, and you can use these exercise files to teach one.  

And what else? Post your projects. So, you might have followed along, but switched up the images to yours. I'd love to see it. You've picked up a different font, I'd love to see it. I really like to see this sort of stuff. So links, or screenshots, anything you can. Stick in the comments. There's lots of different ways on the different sites to send me what you've done, and I'd love to see them. And, also give it a review if you've enjoyed it, if you've liked my teaching style, or if you haven't. Whack a comment in there, and give it a review, so I can make it better. 

What else? Ah, the last thing is about getting paid. And I've got a whole video series on that as well. About how to run a brief, how to make sure you get paid on time, what kind of cost you should charge, and there's a full course on that. Go check it out. Yes, check in on one of my other courses. 

Okay, my friends, we have come a long way. We have built a portfolio site. We've learned what media queries were, we've done cool responsive navigation, now it's time for you to go up and build your own site. Had a time, good people, and I will see you again in another video series.