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Hi, my name is Dan, and you, my creative type friend, are going to code your very first website.

Now, we're going to make this short, we'll make it super easy,  and you have to think of all the extra money you're going to make with your mad, new web design coding skills.

I built this course for designers who know how to design a site, but get scared when it comes to the code side of it; no more. This course is going to allow you to do what I do. You'd be able to design something in Photoshop, or Illustrator, and then putting it to life in a website, using Dreamweaver.

It's not about learning how to hack the matrix, it's about ensuring your ideas are accurately honoured when it comes to the finished website, using the right colors, the right amount of line spacing, the perfect font weight, and just making sure everything lines up perfectly.

We'll create this portfolio website here together, and we'll take it from mock-up, all the way through to actually having it published online.

So, come on, we know you've been meaning to do this for a very long time.

Sign up for the course, and you, the creative type person, and me, balding guy, with accent, and glasses are going to code our very first website.