This course has been archived as it is no longer relevant. Some or all of the content within the course may not be available.


My name is Dan & I’m a full time online course instructor. In this training I will show you the best way to successfully launch your very own first course. 

This training is aimed at people who have never created an online course before and  no previous experience is required. 

You might not be doing this full time like me, so I’ve broken process up into easy steps which you can tackle one at a time together with me - step by step. 

You'll learn: 

  • Check the profitability of a course
  • What you should name your course
  • How to create an outline.
  • Options for recording and editing your course. 
  • Places you should sell your courses
  • How to price your course
  • How to successfully launch your course.   

I’ve produced 22 courses. On my journey here I’ve learnt an amazing amount about what to do, and equally what not to do when creating a course. This course will take you through personal steps necessary to develop & launch a successful course.

So if you’re ready to earn extra money, working from home, join me and together let's make your first online course a great success!

Course duration 4 hours