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Adobe InDesign CC - Essential Training

Class Project 03 - Create your own business card

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, in this video we're going to look at doing a class exercise. So, it is based on learning the technique of Data Merge. But I would also like you to learn a little bit of duplicate creativity. So if you're new to InDesign, this might be an opportunity to have something for your portfolio.

So I'd like you to go through and research ideas for business card layouts. So you might look at Behance, or Pinterest, or Nice. There's an earlier tutorial on that, on inspiration for design. I'd like you to lay something out for it. There's logos in the exercise folder. You can use any of the images that we've used through this whole tutorial, if you want to use an image. But I'd like you to layout that Excel file, that csv file, so that we can produce a list of business cards for different people automatically.

Then I'd like you to send it to me. There's different ways, so check on the platform you're watching. It might be a link in the comments, or some of them have class files you can go to, or exercise projects you can put them in. I'd love to see it on social media. So I'd like you to go through, learn the technique of data merge, but also do something a little bit more creative on your own. So let's go do that now.