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Adobe InDesign CC - Essential Training

Creating Columns in a text box using Adobe InDesign

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, in this video we're going to go from this many columns to this many columns. All right, let's go and do it.

So what you need to do is, I'm going to have my cursor flashing inside of my 'Type' box. So 'Type Tool', click in here. And depends on your screen size, you might have to switch out like me to-- if you've got a big iMac, you'll probably see it along the top, but for me, I've got to go to 'Paragraph', and you'll see, along the top here is 'Columns'. Number of columns, I'm going to bump it up to '3'. And because we left the 'gutter', which is the space between the columns default, when we made the document, we've left the default in here as well. So if you changed your 'gutter width' you're going to have to change in here to match. Great, so now we've got 3 columns, super easy.

So what we're going to do now is kind of move into a little bit of production video. You can skip along if you want, but what I want to do is, I'm going to scrap all of this, cut it. Click off in the background, grab the 'Type Tool', draw another type box. How big is it going to be? I'll adjust in a second. And I'm going to pick a font. We're going to use 'Roboto'. 'Roboto', we'll use 'Medium', or 'Regular'. I'm going to give it that red 'Fill'. And 'Size' wise, I'm going to go up to '14'.

And this is going to be like a sub heading, so I'm moving him up, I'm moving him around, tidying up some of these box sizes because I want this to be kind of like the sub header. And I want to span to 'Columns'. Fancy. 'W' off. Looking fine. This guy here is going to tuck up about here. I'm going to get rid of these extra 'returns' so it's all lining up a little nicer. All right, let's jump into the next video where we'll look at Justification and Hyphenation.