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The foundation of learning animation is understanding the universal "12 Principles of Animation". In this course you will learn to apply these principles to a range of mediums, including drawing, stop motion, claymation and puppeteering in Adobe After Effects.

You do not need to be able to draw to complete this course! Each lesson is followed by a demonstration and assignment that you can follow Lucas along with by using free online tools and apps, as well as items you'll be able to find laying around your house.

In this course you will learn:
 • The History of the Animation Principles
 • The Science of Animation
 • Squash & Stretch
 • Slow In/Out
 • Anticipation
 • Overlapping Action
 • Secondary Action
 • Arcs
 • Pose to Pose/Straight Ahead
 • Timing
 • Staging
 • Exaggeration
 • Solid Drawing
 • Appeal

During the course our assignments will cover*:
 • Flipbooks
 • Thaumatropes
 • 2D digital animation
 • Animating in Procreate on the iPad
 • Animating in After Effects (project file provided)
 • Stop Motion Animation
 • Claymation
* Each assignment could be completed in any of these mediums so there's no need to have a fancy computer, expensive software, or an iPad.

Lucas will also share his insights working as a professional animator on big movies like Avengers, Ready Player One and how he uses the principles taught in this course every day in his work.

The concepts covered here are not only for beginners but for every animator to apply in their daily work and be a resource for any time you're stuck on how to add more appeal to your animations.

Join Lucas on an epic animation Journey!