Dreamweaver CC 2018 - Introduction to responsive web design

Building the HTML

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 4 of 9

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So we're going to put in the Heading. Where are we going to put it? Now, we've got our Header here that contains my Logo and my Navigation. See those three little buttons there? Then we got this other chunk, which is Main. Main is kind of middle part of the website, Header is generally just our Logo and Navigation. So Main here, already has my Hero Box, and that is the big pink box that I've created already. It's this guy here. So, inside of there is where I want my Heading.

We're going to be designing this Heading here, which says "roarX, Pre-order now." So to put in a Heading, we need to put in something called H1. H1 is our Heading1, and the Heading1 is the most important heading on our page. So the syntax works like this, just like, say this Main here, it says 'main', and it's inside these angle brackets '< >'. Then there's a </main> to close that off. So we need to do the same thing for our H1. So angle brackets '< >', down by your M key. Type in 'H1', then close it off. So that's the beginning part, just like Main here. You can see, the second part, it's the same word but it has a forward slash '/' in front of it. So, we're going to type in angle brackets, forward slash '</' and helpful old Dreamweaver has gone and filled that in for us. That's one of the perks of Dreamweaver.

The text goes inside. Goes in the middle of these two here, so have your cursor flashing between the two tags. And we're going to type in 'roarX' which is the name of our new bike that we're launching. And we're going to say 'Pre-order', please. Or "pre-order now'. Hit 'Save', so 'File', 'Save'. And I want you to go and check your real time browser preview. Now you can check back by flipping back to Chrome it updates automatically or if you'd like to, you can click down here and click on 'Google Chrome' again. Either way, let's get to our browser. You can see here, there's my H1. 'roarX, Pre-order now'. And by default it is black and bold, and a particular size.

And that my friends is our first bit of HTML. If you're new to Web Design, well done, this is our first bit of Coding, you've done it. Next thing we need to do though is go and change these default colors, and sizes, and fonts to something that matches our mock-up in Photoshop. So let's go and do that now, learning something called CSS.