Dreamweaver CC 2018 - Introduction to responsive web design


Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 1 of 9

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Hi there, my name is Dan Scott. And in this video we're going to turn you from Web Zero to Web Hero, and look to build your very first Responsive Web Page using Dreamweaver.

Now you can follow along in this tutorial perfectly. You just need to download the exercise files. There's a link down in the description there. It's free to download, go and get that, pause the video, come back once you've got the files.

So the goal of this tutorial is to expose you to modern Web Design. We're going to look at terms like Responsive, HTML5, and CSS3. They sound fancy but they're actually quite easy once you understand them. We're also going to look at how Dreamweaver makes this super easy for us to do, but actually what I really want you to get from this video is to get to a point hopefully, at the end, where you're like "Actually, it's not as hard as I thought it was" and "I'm pretty excited about going off, learning more, and building my own site."

So that's my goal. Let's get into it now, and I'll start working.