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Dreamweaver Templates & Javascript Menus

How to create new pages based on a Dreamweaver template.

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 23 of 38

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Hey there, in this tutorial we're going to create a new page based on our Template we've made, and when we go and make a change like this, look, it's going to update all the other pages, connected to the Template, and voilà, our Template awesomeness is complete. So to make a page from a Template we're going to close down the dwt we had open. Then we're going to 'File', 'New', we'll click this button here. We're going to 'Site Templates' and we're going to pick 'Portfolio Template'. And, yes, we want to update it, that's the reason we created you.

And you can see here, we got an untitled document, and you can see, all the codes kind of hidden except for our main one, you can see, it's a bit of color there. There's a few other things, titles should be editable for every page, it's automatically done that for us. You can see up here, this has come back to life. But these guys are grayed out, only the main content is editable. So, now we need to save it. This is where it gets a bit mind bending. We're going to look at our files. So, we created this Index file. That's what we've done for this whole tutorial, we've done our Home Page. Then we said, we'll turn him into a Template. The problem is that Template is not connected to this Index page. This guy here is kind of useless now. We used him, he generated this, but they're not connected.

So, we need to delete him because he's not connected to our Template. So, what we're going to do is, I don't want to delete him I want to make a folder called 'Zold' which is 'old' with a 'z', and I'm just going to click, hold, and drag him in there. I don't want to delete him in case things go horribly wrong. So he's in my 'Zold' folder. What we need to do now is save this new file we've called, and call him 'Index'. And, save him. Kind of weird, right? We generated it with an index file to start with, then we need to delete him, and remake him. Just so that he is connected to the Template, and any new file now, that we need to make, the Contact Us page, the About Us page, all need to go, 'File', 'New' and we need to generate it from our Template, so they're all connected.

So now in the rest of the tutorial, we're going to go through and add stuff, mainly we're going to build out this, we're going to add the Text, all the Buttons, and all the Images, but what I really want to do before we go, is give you a little heads up about how to work with Templates, and how to make sure you don't get into any trouble. And the easiest one is to make sure, say I need to update these buttons here, add a third one, or play around with something, of course we need to update the Template, which is a good idea, so 'File', 'Open', need to find that Templates folder. There's my Template.

So whenever you're updating a Template, make sure you close any other page. I found in my experience, if I've got Index open and I try to make changes to the Template, it does update it most of the time, but I've had a few problems, so I just make sure nothing else is open, just the Template, then I go in here, and I say, "You, my friend this Image here, I want to make it… I'm not sure why I'm doing this, just for, for instance. 'File', 'Save', it's going to say, "I'm going to update these pages" because they are based on the Template. This is the cool bit, this is where you're like "Oh man, this is going to save loads of time." Especially when this is a long list. It's got like 500 pages, and you say, "Update them all, please." Click 'Close', and it's gone and updated them, so I'm going to close the Template and open up my Index. You'll see, hopefully, it's updated. Awesome!

I'm going to turn it back, close this down, open up the Template. So just have him open all by himself. Down here, he was 803. 'Save', update all these guys, close it down. You know what's going to happen, it's updated. All right, so we've made a Template. Let's go further with awesomeness. See you in the next video.