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Okay, so what to do next? You've built the site in Dreamweaver, so we've got a working website but you might not have done the design side, you might have skipped that, and just worked from my Illustrator file. So, Illustrator was done in a separate course, check out the link here. That's where we picked the colors, the images, and the fonts, and all those types of things. And then we built them in this course in Dreamweaver, so go do that.

There's another course that does a very similar thing, but in Photoshop. So go check out, there'll be another link here on the screen. Doesn't really matter if you do in Illustrator or Photoshop, whatever tool you prefer to use. What you also might do is kind of add to your site by maybe looking at video backgrounds, let's cut to a little clip here. So you can see, there is, you can see this main Hero Box here is actually an image where you can do a full background option, like here.

What you can also do is put your website up on 'Am I Responsive?’ So you need to host it somewhere, grab that url, and put it into, say here. And you can see, it puts it on to all the different devices. Send me a screenshot, I'd love to see how it looks. And also it's really good for your Portfolio, for Static Print Portfolios. That's it, let's go and look at the Class Exercise.