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Adobe Illustrator CC - Essentials Training

Course Conclusion for Adobe Illustrator CC

Daniel Walter Scott

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Holy Molly! You made it to the end. I worry sometimes that I make all these videos quite long, right? There's quite a few videos that… who gets to the end? But you did it. Congratulations!

What next? Reviews. Reviews is the life blood for me, as a trainer. So if you enjoyed the course, leave a review.

The other thing is posting your projects, it's a really visual course. I'd love to see what you've made. Even if you're a little bit like, "I'm not sure," just post it, I'd love to see it. Best places are on the website, but also through social media. If you're a Twitter person, I'm Danlovesadobe. Post it, send it, I'd love to see it. Link me into it. Or on Instagram, it's probably the best place for this kind of thing. On Instagram I am bringyourownlaptop. But yes, I'd love to see them.

What next? Next steps for Illustrator. Now there a couple of things you could do. One is, probably the logical one, is there's an advanced course. I'm filming it right after I finish doing this. So, if you are super, like, on to it and you've downloaded the course after I released it, it's going to be about a month or so before it comes out. But probably it would be up there by now.

The other thing is, you might want to take Illustrator in a different direction. Say more kind of the Web UI side of the world. Web design, App design, that kind of User Interface design. I've got a course specifically on that, so go check that one out. There's loads of other courses. InDesign, InDesign Advanced, Photoshop, etc.

All right, that is going to be it for this video series. I loved making this one. So good, spending time, making exercise files. They just look great. Trying to make it easy for you. Hope you enjoyed it. I hope to see you in another course. haere rā. Bye bye.