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Adobe Illustrator CC - Essentials Training

Introduction To Adobe Illustrator CC for beginners

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, my name is Dan. I'm an Adobe Certified Instructor, and an Adobe Certified Expert in Adobe Illustrator.

Now together, me and you, are going to go through this course, and make beautiful art work together, using Illustrator.

During this course, you won't just learn how to use this tool, we'll work through real world practical projects. Now this course is aimed at people completely new to Illustrator and maybe to Design, in general. We're going to start absolutely right at the beginning and work our way through step by step.

We'll start with the techniques that you'll need to create just about anything in Illustrator. We'll customize shapes, use the wonderful Shape Builder tool and the simple to use Curvature tool. We'll form lines, and brushes, plus your soon to be favorite, Width tool.

You'll master how to use and manipulate Types. I'll show you all the sneaky secrets that Illustrator has, to discover and use beautiful colors, like a seasoned designer. You'll learn how to push, pull, cut, and repeat, just like this.

There's even a section in here where we'll hone our skills by practicing, redrawing these real world brands. We won't forget the essentials like proper saving, and exporting, plus so much more.

So if you've never opened up Illustrator before, or you've opened it, and you've struggled a little bit, follow me, I'll show you how to make beautiful art work together, in Illustrator.