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All right, time to get started. There's a couple of things you need to do first.

One is, download the exercise files. There’llA be a link on the page to download those, you can play along. There's another link there saying, The Completed Files. You don't need these, but they're handy. What I do, at the end of every video I kind of save where I'm up to. So that, maybe yours is not quite working, you just want to see how I made mine. You can download that Illustrator file just to check against yours.

One last thing, is there's a Cheat Sheet. Right at the end of this course, there is a video version of that Cheat Sheet. You can watch that, whenever you're ready for cheats, and shortcuts, and stuff.

The other thing is, there is a PDF version of that Cheat Sheet. You can download it for free from There's a Resources tab at the top. Click on that, you'll see Illustrator, plus a load of other ones. Yes, time to start learning Illustrator.