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Adobe Illustrator CC - Essentials Training

Using Free Templates in Adobe Illustrator CC

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi, in this video we're going to look at all the beautiful templates that Adobe Illustrator give us for free, to use. To help us get started, to get us inspired. To rob bits from, that's what I do. Let's look at how to find them in Adobe Illustrator right now.

So to find the templates just go to 'File', 'New', or 'Create', 'New'. You end up with this new document window. Now decide on what kind of directions you're going. We're going to use Print, in this case. You'll notice that it's the blank document, but underneath - you've probably seen them already - there are templates. In this case, for Print, there's 34 of them. In Web, there is 22 of them. These are free to use, and the cool thing about them, watch this, they're just some-- sometimes you find free templates just horrible, but these are beautiful. They've already been commissioned by Adobe, or done by Adobe. I don't know where they've come from, but they're really nice.

The cool thing is, we get to use them. They've allowed us to use them for free. So let's say that we want to do-- I was looking at this one. I've used this one, I’ve used elements from this one. If you click on it, it kind of gives you-- you can preview it, it kind of shows you what's in there. Some really cool stuff in there. And, when you're ready-- I've already downloaded this one, let me find one that's not been downloaded. Let's say I want to use this poster. Click on it. There's an option that says Download. It will take a little while to download all the elements.

Now, what happens is that there might be some elements in here, definitely for these images. Like say these images in here, they probably won't come through. You'll have to kind of update with your own graphics, and that's fine. This one here is Vector, so probably it's going to all look perfect. It's using a font as well. We'd like to sync fonts, I'm going to say, "Sync, please." It's going to download them from TypeKit, which we did earlier. But, just really cool, huh. And you can go off, and change it for your colors. Look, here's the font, downloaded, and installed. It's thinking about it. Hopefully this will update in a second. You can go through, and start working with this.

Obviously I don't need to explain what a template does but let's have a look at some of the other options. I'm going to 'File', 'New' again. Let's have a look-- under Web, some really nice UI design stuff. If you want to get into Illustrator UI, I have got another course specifically for designing websites and apps through Illustrator. You might want to check that one out next. Lots of cool stuff in here. Film, Print, Art & Illustration's probably my favorite. Some really cool abstract things in here, patterns, and all sorts of goodness. I love these guys. Let's have a look. Here's some really cool guys in here. I love 'em.

It's just a really handy way to get started for like, a business card, or a stationary set. Now these are the free ones in here. You can search for more, down the bottom here. Let's say I do need a business card. You hit 'Go', it's going to launch a website. And it ends up over here. So it's loaded up Adobe, or stock.adobe.com. I'm logged in. You can get free 10 images to get started, which is awesome. In here there's a mixture of free and paid. Most of these are paid. Free ones are kind of in Illustrator. These ones, a lot of these are paid ones. So, just a way of getting started. You might decide that, you like this business card, you're ready to go. You can click on it, download it, and it ends up in your-- remember, our Libraries, that we looked at? Or you can just download it to your computer.

There's lots of templates in here. Some of them are free, you're looking for, see in the corner there? 'Free'. You can't see it there in the corner. I do a search, so 'Edit', search on Chrome, and type in 'free'. And I can just kind of skip through. It's showing me all of the free ones, and I can highlight it.

That is Templates in Illustrator. Good way to get started. I'll stop rambling. Let's get into the next video.