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Sorting & Reordering

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 17 of 24

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So we've beaten our list into some submission. Now it's looking nice, the formats are the same now, you want to do something basic with the data. Just to grab what we need out of it.

And the easiest way is this 'Sorting & Filtering'. The easy one might be a nice, quick one. Let's say we want to order by-- I'm going to click in where it says 'Cynthia'. And I'm going to say sort 'A-Z', and it just goes through and puts it alphabetically.

Same with last name. Spreads across the rows for you automatically. This is going to be more interesting potentially when we get to the 'Finish Time'. So it can have the person who ran the fastest in this first one.It looks like an even tie against three people. I randomly generated this data. Three way tie for first. Sucks for Kelly Ellis, Irvin, and Doty.

But you can do this for any of them. 'Date' centered, just click 'A-Z', or you can obviously hit 'Z-A' to get it the other way round. 'Sponsorship', same thing. I'm just figuring out who earned the most. So that's one at the top there. Other cool things you can do is-- I've got this one here where it's 'Paid' and 'Unpaid'. So what I want to do is 'Filter' it. It's different than sorting, it's just going to clear the ones I don't need.

So I want to find out everybody who's 'Unpaid' so I can chase them. So, what we can do is, click anywhere in here actually, along the top columns here. Let's go to 'Filter'. And these little drop downs up here, these are really handy, because now I can go along to show-- I'm going to 'unselect' it all and say just the people who are 'Unpaid'. Now I can send these guys a group email to say, "Where's my money?"Especially, Dety Riley. That was 4 grands. This is really handy. Filters, don't worry, it hasn't deleted the data. Just means we need to turn that 'Filter' off. All comes back to life. You can filter by anything. You can-- on terms of timing, these ones here are not going to be as useful. So filtering-- depending on your data, you might have different things. Different departments, different product lines, different clients, those type of things. 'Filter'ing off. All right, so that's sorting and re-ordering your spreadsheet. Making it a little bit more usable.

So that's going to be it for this video. Let's get on to the rest of the tutorial series. Next we do charts and graphs. I love charts and graphs. Let's go do that.