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All right, so it's exam time, or just a practice because you can cheat in this exam, because I'm not thereactually watching you. So you can go back to the videos and check, and if you can't work anything outyou can check out this one here, 'Charts & Graphs', the finished one.

Open up 'Data Clean Up Project'. And I want you to go through, and do these tasks for me. The first one is to go through and remove any empty columns, sorry, any empty rows. Then I want you to go throughand remove any duplicate rows. Let's see if we can find any of those. I'd like you to center some of the columns, you can see over here, we've got 'Showroom Sales' and 'Reseller Sales'. They're kind of worked as center. I want you to change that. I would like you to move it.

At the moment, 'Wholesale Price' is here. I'd like you to move this, so it's just after 'Product Name'. You can see here, 'Product Name'. And then there's the 'Wholesale Price'. I want you drag that column across.I'd also like you to make sure that these are set as currency rather than the wholesale price. So you can see, I want you to add dollar signs to it.

I'd also like you to create four formulas. So, the first two are going to be calculating the 'Total Sales'. There's the sales from our showroom, and the sales from our resellers. I want you to add those two together, and give us the total there.

Then I want you to do a second formula that has the 'Total Sales. So I want you to-- in dollars. So I want you to figure out, take the 'Total Sales', times it by the unit cost of the 'Wholesale Price'. And then give us our price here. Just a tip, remember, '=' is the first thing you need to put in when you're making a formula.The last two are going to be just two totals. So the 'Total Sales' and the numbers, and 'Total Sales' and the price.

Last thing I want you to do is, I want you to re-order your list. So that the one with the most sales are at the top there. You can see, at the moment, it's this 'Paw Patrol' stuff - my son loves Paw Patrol - re-order them this way.

And those are your tasks, go through, do them. Once you're finished, send me a screenshot, just to show that you've done it, and that you made it work. So that's it for our practice exercise. Let's get on to the next video.