Microsoft Excel 2016 Bootcamp - Zero to Hero Training


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Hi there, my name is Dan, and welcome to this Microsoft Excel Program.

Now, together we're going to learn how super useful Excel is, for pretty much every part of our professional lives.

I made this course for beginners, there is no need for any previous Excel experience, and what we'll do is, we'll stick to a lot of the pre-made, built in amazing features of Excel to work with, rather than getting bogged down in complicated code, or very complicated formulas. We're going to stick to the easy methods. 

This training course is project based. We’ll start with our simple company branded invoice that calculates both totals and the tax. We'll take our really big, ugly messy spreadsheet, and clean it up using Excel's amazing features, and with this new tidy spreadsheet, you'll learn how easy pivot tables can turn long, hard to understand information into simple tables, and beautiful graphs.

Before you're finished, you'd be making super helpful drop down menus to help you fill out, and sort your financial data, turning uninspiring profit/loss statements like this into good looking dashboards like this.

There is also a downloadable exercise file, and a printable cheat sheet we can use.

So my friend, it's time to sign up, and together, we'll get you from Excel zero, to Excel Hero at work.

Now I meant to keep looking at this screen for a while, afterwards, never sure how long though. Long enough?