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Hi there, now, as part of this class you'll get exercise files you can download, there'll be a little pop noise, and a link down here by Tayla, right there, and you can go and download those files to play along. What I've also got as part of this course is the completed files. What that means is that, at the end of every video that I do, there's a few videos in this course, at the end of every video I'll save my file to where it's at that it's working, so if you're doing it, and yours doesn't quite work, or you're not sure how I actually did something, you can check it against the completed file to see the difference between yours and my one. Now, there'll be a link on every video to those particular files.

The other thing that's quite useful is the cheat sheet. So I've made, both the video version, and a printable PDF version, so you can check out this link here, and that will get you to the printable version, where you print it off, stick it off next to your desk, be awesome. There's a video version, it's one of our last videos in this course.

Now the last thing is something I want from you, and it's a review. Now it's a bit early for reviews I know, but whenever you feel it's time, post a review, post a comment. Thumbs Up, Text Share, whatever the platform that it is, they will use interactions, like reviews, or shares, or likes, as a way of determining how good a video is, so the more reviews I get, the better that video does, the better I do as a trainer. Whenever you're ready, leave a review, be honest, go to bad, leave a review, actually no, don't leave any bad reviews. I lie.

That's it. So, here's the files, you've got the cheat sheets, post a review, let's get on with the course.