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What is UI vs UX - User Interface vs User Experience

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Before we get started, we'll just quickly cover what UX versus UI is. If you're new to the field, they kind of get bandied around together. UX is more of an umbrella term. It covers a lot of components including UI. So UI, User Interface Design is what we're going to cover in this course. 

We're going to do a lot in Adobe XD, where we get to develop the User Interface for our web, and an app. So that's the UI component, but that is generally part of a larger UX project. UX can be kind of broken into three main parts. One is the research side. So you do your user experience research, and that's just kind of breaking up, and working out who the personas are, like who your clients are, what the requirements of the client is. It's kind of building out a brief. All the features that need to be in your product. That's the research side of stuff. 

Then there's the actual design, the UI Design, which we're going to cover in this course. Then you move into the user testing, the usability testing, afterwards, you take your XD project, and you start testing it. We're going to focus on this middle bit. We'll show you a little bit of how to go about the brief and how to get ready for user testing. 

I've got another course called "How to be an UX Designer". Check that out, that's more kind of an overview of UX Design. That will give you strategies to build our briefs and personas properly, and also the user testing, where to get that done, a little bit more. We'll cover it briefly in here but we're going to focus on the actual UX design features. 

Now you as an UX designer, just so you know-- depends on where you're working, like if you're working in a smaller, or medium company, you're probably going to be expected to do all kind of three parts. Research, the UI, and the testing. If you're working in a larger company, you could just be the UI designer as part of that larger UX project, you might have specialist researchers you might have specialist user testers. It will depend on where you're at, but XD kind of sits in the middle there for the design tools. So that's it, let's go through now and start building our stuff in XD.