User Experience Design Essentials - Adobe XD UI UX Design

Introduction to Adobe XD Essentials training course

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, my name is Dan, and I'm an Adobe Certified Instructor. Now together, you and me, are going to learn how to use Adobe XD. Now, this UI/UX design tool is going to help us create beautiful user interfaces as well as streamlining our user experience. During this course, we're going to use an actual freelance project I'm working on. The project needs both a web interface and a mobile app. So it's going to give you a really good understanding of how to run your own potential UX project. And my course here is aimed at people new to Design, and those experienced. We'll start right at the beginning and move our way through, just step by step. First up, I'll show you how to construct a good brief and persona. Then you'll learn how to create some super wire frames. From there, you'll learn how to implement colors and images properly in your design. You'll learn the dos and don'ts for choosing fonts for websites and mobile apps. We'll also cheat a little by exploring pre-made UI kits to speed up our work flow. We'll build and prototype both our website design and mobile app design connecting the pages, and adding full interactivity ready for use and testing. I'll share with you all of the secret tricks inside Adobe XD that will really help you speed up all those repetitive tasks. All the way through to exporting the right files and creating your own design space. At the end, I've got a project for you to help you develop your skills and so you've got something ready for your portfolio. So I hope you are ready to upgrade yourself and join me to learn Adobe XD. Yes, that's a fake plant from my gear. You're welcome to the store, and they look great and you're like, "It's going to look good in the office," then you get it home and it's a fake plant.