User Experience Design Essentials - Adobe XD UI UX Design

Getting started with your Adobe XD project

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hey there, to get started you need to download the exercise files. There'll be a link in the comments or description below. Sometimes there's a button, you're looking out for the 'Download Exercise Files'. The other thing you can do is, during this course what I do is, I try and-- at the end of every video, I save where I'm upto. And I save it as something called the 'completed file'. So every video will have either a link or a button where you can download where I'm upto in XD. If yours is not quite looking the same you can download mine, and just compare the two. Last thing is that, during this course you're going to be asked for a review. Review's the life blood of me as a trainer, and why I get to do this full time. So if you are enjoying the course, and do get asked for a review, please drop one in there, an honest review. That will help me out loads. All right, let's get going with the course.