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Making money as a web designer

Am I a web designer or developer?

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 4 of 8


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Hi, my name is Dan. In this video we're going to talk about-- Are you a designer, or are you a developer?

Now, in this course, many of us tend to be-- and my kind of teaching style tends to be designing an output towards visual people, rather than code based people. Totally, you can do these courses, and be a code based person, but you'll notice, in Dreamweaver, I spend a lot of time in live view, because I kind of come from a graphic designer background originally, and a painting background, so I'm definitely a visual person.

And, what will happen is, if you're a developer, you'll probably need help with a designer, and if you're a designer, like me, and you need help with some hard core coding, I'm going to need a developer. And I have a developer friend, I have many developer friends. 

And what happens is, when I'm dealing with a client brief, and I find out there's some stuff that's out of my skillset, and there's something I can't do, and what I do is-- the price jumps, always doubles, more than doubles. 

We talked about it earlier. My $2000 website jumps to a $5000 website. Why? Because my friend, Malcolm needs the 2 grand for his work, I need 2 grand for my work, and then I have another extra $1000 to manage this whole process. And the client doesn't want to  deal with Malcolm, I've got to then look after Malcolm, make sure everything gets done, chase him, so there's a bit of a kind of a-- a bit of a slush funding there to make sure that I can look after if things go wrong.

I can get other developers in to help, so that's quite often why prices jump quite a bit when it goes from being a reasonably simple brochure website to something a little bit more advanced that might need things like CMSs, or some sort of sales tools in there, or memberships, or something from the website that are pretty hard core.