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Making money as a web designer

Money conclusion

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 8 of 8


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Hi, My name is Dan, and this would be the conclusion for our money talk.

Now, this little series here is all about what I do, and what I know of what other people do. I've picked and chose what I felt from other people to be useful for me, and my processes, and you're going to have, you're going to be new, and there's going to be different things you think are important, there's going to be things that you run into problems with in future that I might not have yet, so go through, take the bits that you like, find other bits. There's LinkedIn groups, there's Facebook groups, there’s lots of blog posts, you can go off and read, and see what other people are doing, and kind of make your own decisions on what to do. That's a nice thing about being a freelancer. You get to decide how you work, and what works best for you.