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Hi there, let's talk about the thing that we're making, and the resources I've got. So first up is, what we're making is, it's going to be a video background with texts and images, basically a whole website over the top. It's not going to be like those little embedded videos, like YouTube, or Udemy with play buttons and those sorts of things as part of the website, it's definitely like an abstract background with kind of a big effect in the background, and the website over the top. 

We'll also make the actual video, rather than just skipping to making the website, we'll show you how to really get that video nice and small, add effects, all that sort of stuff in Premier Pro, the same sort of techniques work in After Effects, but we're going to use Premier Pro in this one. We'll do that and not just skip to the website end.

Now there are exercise files, so you can play along, there'll be a link on this page, you can download them and play along with the videos. There's also something called the completed files, and that just means, when I get to the end of every video, there's about 15 odd in this series, but at the end of the video, what I will do is I'll save my project, all the code that I'm up to right then, so that if you're having problems trying to keep up, or something's not quite working the same as my one is, you can download that completed file, just kind of check yours versus mine, and just see where you might have gone wrong. 

So there will be a link on this page as well, and when you finish, could you post your project? Just on a link somewhere on the page, some sort of way of getting in contact with me, or screenshots, doesn't have to be a full working site. I just want to see what you've done. I imagine you'd be really proud of it, because when you're new to it, it's a lot more harder work. But I like to see it, as a teacher I like to see what you've done. It's good for other people to see how you've done it, and adapted to the course, so post your projects.

And the other thing I'd really like you to do is to give me a review. It's a bit early in the video to be telling to give me a review, but depending on different sites, they will pop up early, sometimes later, in the end, about offering a review, and just that you know those reviews are how they kind of measure the success of a course. You might get to the end, most people get to the end, and don’t worry about the review, and that's fine too, but if you do post a review, honest, I don't want anything but honesty, but those sorts of things help my rankings, and my course might do a little bit better, and bring a little bit more revenue for me, as a teacher.

This course, I've made a cheat sheet as well. There'll be a video version, and a printable PDF version. There'll be a link on the page to those cheat sheets, so you can go off  to there, and print it off, and stick it up next to your computer so that you can-- while you're new, getting used to things, share those things as well. I kind of made them to share around, so post them, and share them if you like them.

Last bit is, if you are a teacher, watching this, to teachers, you got a class tomorrow, and you got to teach video backgrounds, I've got a teacher resources page where you can get printed notes. Watch these courses, do the printed notes, check that out as well, there'll be a link on the page, there's lots of links on those page.

All right, that's it for our resources, and things that we're going to do in this course.