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Premiere Pro & Dreamweaver - Fullscreen background video for a website

Getting our website setup in Dreamweaver

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 9 of 15

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Hi everyone, in this video we’re going to go through, and set up our Dreamweaver settings, so that we can start building our site. So, first thing we need to do is-- let's just make our work spaces the same, so you can follow along, and you can work in 'Standard', that's fine, I'm going to work in this new one called 'Developer', just going to click on that, and it's just that cleaner version, we're going to work more encode in this video. In previous tutorials, I worked a lot in Standard, and that's fine, but this one, let's switch to 'Developer', and work in this one.

Now before we get started on any project, we need to define our site, so go to 'Site', go to 'New Site', and all this does, is tells Dreamweaver where you're going to keep the files for this project.

So, my site name, I'm going to give it a name, this one's going to be called 'Bring_Your_Own_Laptop Design Agency'. Where am I going to keep it? This is where the local site is, let's click 'Browse', and I've put mine on my Desktop, and I'm going to make a new folder, and I'm going to call this one 'BYOL-- and this one's going to be 'Website'; 'BYOL Website'. Click 'Create'. Let's click 'Choose'.

One thing you can do when you are defining a site, it's really handy to go to 'Advance Settings', and then, there's this 'Default Images Folder', click on 'Browse', and you can see, this has defaulted to inside there, the folder we just made, and then inside here, we're going to put 'Images'. And it just means, if I click 'Choose', it means whenever I grab an image, say from the exercise files in this class, it's going to grab it out of there, and put it into the right folder, and not have to ask me every time, it just kind of knows this by doing this.

Now I'm not going to go through this setting up servers now, I'm kind of connecting to the net. We'll do that on the final video when we go to 'Publish'. But for now, that's all we need to do to get set up. Let's click 'Save'. Cool. And on my desktop here, if I have a quick look, there's my desktop, there's my folder that I made, and inside of it, is nothing except that empty folder for images. Great!