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Where to get video for your background

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Okay, so now we're going to start making the videos before we go and start coding it. If you want to get straight into the coding, you can skip this section. Now where do you get your videos from? Obviously, you can shoot it yourself, it's becoming more and more easy; I shoot a lot of  my stuff, but I also do what's in front of us here, and use things like Stock Library pre-made footage and that's what I'm going to use for this tutorial.

Now, what it is, it's footage that's been made by someone else, so we could buy it, and the costs are actually pretty good, like, getting a video from here, either this site, Adobe Stock, or from iStock, they seem to be one of the most popular ones. And they're going to cost you, between about, US dollars, between about 50 US dollars and 200 US dollars, depending on the video. And so what I have done is, I've gone and picked one from Adobe Stock, it's just kind of designer ones, it's more a photography one, but I quite like all designy-ness about it.

Once you've picked it, you can right click it and save it, or if you're using Adobe Libraries, which is awesome, you can click on this, and download it either to your library, or download it to your computer. There's a couple of options if you know how to use libraries, otherwise just hit download, and just save it to your desktop. And that's the video that we're going to use.


Now if you've never used Adobe Stock, and you want to, and you're going to go and try it, I'll put a link up on the screen here, here it is. And I'll put a link in the notes down the bottom here. It's nothing other than, if you go to the website using my link, I get a little baby commission for sending you to them. You can go directly to the site, it's, but if you want to help me out, click that before you go, it doesn't cost you any more.

Great! So now that we've got some video to work with, we're going to do some basic editing and getting it ready for our website. We're going to use Adobe Premiere. So let's go and load that one up.