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This video is an introduction to what is covering is my 'Buy a domain name' training course.

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Hi my name is Daniel Walter Scott and I'm a trainer here at Bring Your Own Laptop, now there are three things to creating a website, you first of all need to construct that website, then you'll need somewhere to store it and that's called your hosting and then you'll need an address that points to that storage and that is called your domain name.
Now whether you call it a domain name, a URL, a web address, essentially they all mean this.
Now I can honestly say that picking a domain name is one of my most favourite parts of any job, it's one of the idea becomes real, it comes out of my head and becomes "Dan's amazing business dot com", so in this little video series we'll take you through all the processes, we'll look at choosing, buying and then setting up a domain name.

Lets go set up a domain name!