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Stuck for domain name ideas? In this video we'll look at my favorite domain name generators/suggestion tools.

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Hi my name is Daniel Walter Scott and I'm a trainer here at Bring Your Own Laptop.

In this video we're going to look at how to use a domain name suggestion tool.

A domain name suggestion tool are used for people who maybe have ideas about domain names but need some help picking one, or the domain name you really want is gone and you need to come up with an alternative, both of those uses are great for these sites.

These are the two that I end up using, and the other one is called now either one is good, they both come up with different results, I'm going to type in 'green gardener', they want you to put in spaces between key words, you can see it says "works best with 2-3 words" give them those two words separated.

Now you'll see the red ones are the ones that are already gone, they can be good to have around just to give you ideas about other things but you can hide the ones that are already registered. You'll notice that I can scroll down and this thing here, it keeps loading more as I scroll down, it eventually runs out but you've got a lot of time to go through and consider whether chunkygardener, mincegardener and egggardener are useful for you, theres lots of rubbish in here but there's actually some nice stuff to get the creative juices flowing.

Now Panabee works a similar sort of way, I like these guys, they have quite a nice little initial search, little heart breaks means they're gone. They do some nice things at the top here to go through about things like dropping the first letter and spelling it backwards, things that you might not consider by yourself, but also some really useful ones as well. Gardenr with just the 'r', greengardnerio that's my favourite. Another nice part of this site is right down the bottom here there is related terms, so green and gardener have been split up and there ar some related terms, will 'naive gardener' work? or 'sick gardener' work? Not for my one but some of these things can be helpful for you when you're picking domain names.

Now both of these sites, both Panabee and Namemesh both link back to GoDaddy when you try and register, you can go through and change, you don't have to use godaddy but both of these guys link through and they'll get a commission on if you click the links, you won't get charged any more, so if you like their service definitely go through, click the link and then register your domain name.

And that's it for domain name suggestion tools, if you've got a really good one that you use, please drop it into the comments and share it with the gang.

All right, see you later!