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How to buy a domain name for a new business

How much does a domain name cost?

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 4 of 9


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You'll learn what a domain name costs and what other features you might like to include when you are buying.

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Hi my name is Daniel Walter Scott and I'm a trainer here at Bring Your Own Laptop.

Now in this video we're going to look at the costs for a domain name. So the general cost for a .com is about $15US per year, it can be a little more expensive for a localised domain name, so a is a little but more expensive but not much more than that $15. It's also a year upfront, so it's an annual cost for a .com so you pay for a year upfront. For a local domain, some of them require up to 2 years in advance, as a minimum.

One of the big things to remember is that this is an annual cost, so it's going to come up every year, but it's also seperate from hosting, hosting is a seperate cost. So remember our domain name is our pointer, our direction to our website, and our hosting is the storage of that website. So you can buy a domain name for a $15US seperate from our hosting but they'll quite often, the registrars will group them together in one invoice to make it nice and easy for you, but just know you can have them as seperate costs.

Now to get a discount quite often if you order 4 years or more, like a bulk buy, you'll get a discount on your domain name, and quite often as well if you do buy hosting and a domain name at the same time, they'll give you a year or two free domain names when you buy that hosting.

That's it for costs of domain names.