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How to buy a domain name for a new business

How to buy domain name from GoDaddy

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 7 of 9


I recommend hosting your new website with Bluehost, you can get a big discount by signing up with this link:

This video is for people who choose GoDaddy as their domain registrar. I'll show you the full process of buying your domain from GoDaddy and which options to choose along the way. The process is similar for other companies. If you need help with your preferred registrar leave a comment and I'll give you a hand.

You'll learn:

  • How to buy the domain name you want?
  • What from GoDaddy's 'extras' list should you consider?
  • What is the whois registry?
  • What is GoDaddys personal protection?
  • Should you add hosting to your purchase.
  • Should I use the Website Builder option?
  • Should you add email to your domain via GoDaddy?
  • Should you use the Search Engine Visibility option?
  • How long will it take for my domain to become live?

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Hi my name is Daniel Walter Scott and in this training we're going to look at registering your domain name using the worlds most popular domain name registrar, GoDaddy.

So in from the home page up here along the top where it says search domain, type in the domain name you'd like to buy. Now for this example I'm going to be buying the domain name called ''. Hit search domain, it says "yes, your domain is available", I'm going to click continue, now GoDaddy is going to give you a couple of other extra options, they're going to try and up-sell you with things so lets go through this. This first one here says for your privacy. So what happens is when you register a domain name, you will have to give your name, your address, your phone number that goes against your registration. But what you can do is you can down here you can pay for $7.99 per domain for a year, this will hide this registry, and what ends up happening is instead of your name going into the name field, GoDaddy will register this domain for you in their name. So instead of your name it will have GoDaddy, instead of your address it will have their address. Protecting you from people be able to easily find out who registered this domain. Now for me, I don't bother with this extra cost because I think it's a benefit for me to be able to be contact for my domain. If you are in a probably a little bit more exciting than software training like me, you might want to have this extra protection for privacy. Using this protection can save you from a little bit of spam. What happens is when you register your domain name, there are people and companies and bots out there that will go through your 'whois' listing and registration and find out your name and you email address and start spamming you. Now most of the spam gets stopped by even the most basic email system. I use Gmail professional version and that stops pretty much 100% of any of that type of spam getting through.

The second option is to add hosting to your account. Now most people when they are building a website will buy the domain name at the same time they do their hosting. Now this option on this side has an option for a template website builder. It's not probably my best advice to use this option to build your website, but if you are up to something really quick and easy and a little bit nasty then go ahead and use this option. That'll give you an online web builder plus hosting. Over this side will just give you hosting. Now the ideas around hosting are important enough that I've created a set of little videos for you to go and check out directly about hosting. The short answer is if you're just starting off with a website, you probably only need this first version here of Economy, you can also register without either of these two and just have the domain name.

Now this last one where it says Email, you're unlikely to buy a domain name and only have email, you're probably likely to have a domain name with a website. But if you just plan to have a domain name and you just want an email address '[email protected]' you'll be able to add this little option. Now if you are going to get hosting it's one or the other. You do not need this and this, you'll see hosting has email as part of this as well. And to be honest, it's more common to have email as part of your hosting than to do it separately. And probably even more common now is to not use any of these services for email, and to use a service like 'Google for work' where they have your own professional domain name '[email protected]' but use the Gmail interface that we all know and love for our private email, thats becoming more and more common these days.

Now lets click continue to cart. Now here you can choose the term, 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 5 years, and 10 years. Here we have the option again to change if we want to make our listing private. Some added extra domain names if we want to protect the .net, This one here 'recommended for you' search engine visibility, my recommendation is that this is not worth the money here, you can do some basic search engine visibility yourself which we'll cover in one of my web design courses. So lets skip that, I don't think it's worth it. We can add another domain name, and here we go, ready to check out.

This is where you fill out your billing information, mine's all blurry hopefully, payment method, you can decide whether you're going to use your credit card or Paypal, I'm going to use Paypal for this one. Make sure you agree to the following Universal Terms of Service and Agreement Domain Name Registration Agreement, I'm going to place my order.

Now here I'm going to fill out my Paypal account, this is where you'll either be filling out your Paypal or credit card details.

Great, we now have a domain name. Now our domain name doesn't go to any hosting website just yet. I will do a second set of videos going through how to set up the hosting and then another set of how to build a website. Well done! Quite exciting to have our first little domain name.