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Responsive Web Design Essentials - HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap

Add your own logo to the bootstrap 4 website navigation menu

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hello there, we are going to take our boring Navbar text and turn it into a little bit gross logo. So we work out how to do that now in Bootstrap4, using our Nav and some cool Nav Brand. 

At the moment it's just some plain old text that we copied over when we first kind of lumped in this site. So we want to go and find something cold the Brand. So under 'Documentation', under 'Components', 'Navbar'. We want to try and scroll down until we find Brand. 

There's different ways of implementing it. It's up to you. You might just have text, and all you need to do now is, go in VS code, go and change the word Navbar to Dan's Yogurt. You'll see that little change. That might be great for you, you might pick a different font. So you might stylize Name Brand. Probably style this one here, Navbar Brand, and pick a new font. 

We'll probably use the Abril Fatface that we've been using. You might be happy enough with that. That's especially useful if the client hasn't got a logo yet. Say it's a new Build and they just don't have a brand yet, you can just give them some stylized text from Google Fonts, but what we want to do is we want to do it as an image, image with some text, we just want plain old image. We're going to grab all of that, copy it, and we're going to replace what we have. So we've got Navbar, just really simple Navbar Brand. It seems to end there. This toggler is our turning on and off thing for our mobile menu. So I'm just going to put in there. Nice. 

So what do we need to change? Let's have a little look. It's going to load up probably the Bootstrap logo, eventually. Doesn't want to-- oh, we don't have that on our system. That's looking at the hard drive from, or at least the website from Bootstrap. So what we want to do is switch it out for our own SVG. I'm going to delete all this and I'm going to say inside of images, inside of there is our logo, Dans Meat Yogurt.svg Gross. All right, let's have a little look. 

It's kind of in there. It's been forced to be a size from the thing we copied and pasted. Now you will get some graphics, some SVGs that don't have size information in them. And you will have to give them a width and a height. My ones do because it came from XD, or Illustrator, or Photoshop. In the core they kind of give the size inside of them. That's not true of say like an icon. Remember our font awesomes, they don't have it, we need to give it a physical size, but for this one we don't have to. Let's have a little look. It's the size I wanted it to be from-- it's probably a bit big, looking at it now, but it's the size I made and now I'm sticking to it. 

Other things you need to do, especially for a logo, is you need to really put in some Alt text that really describes what this is. This is, is it Dan's? Dan's, I want to do that. Dan's Meat Yogurt Company. Logo. Good SEO search engine stuff, and we've got our image, we've got our size. At the moment it's going to href. Now once we get this going it will be index.html

 So it comes back to Home. We've only got one page at the moment, but that's it, well, that's kind of it. I want to set a little bit of homework. This padding at the top, seems to work nicely as is. What I want to do though is I would like to go through and remove the background. And I'm going to set it as a little project for you.  Just not a full-blown class project, with a Word doc. Just want to see if you can get rid of the background. And in the next video before we get started I'll show you how to do it, but in the meantime, after this video, see if you can get rid of the background. I just want it to be see-through so I can see through to the background. Give it a go, and I'll see you in the next video.