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Responsive Web Design Essentials - HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap

Class Project 03 - Flexbox Header

Daniel Walter Scott

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All right, it is Class Project time again. I'm going to set some tasks now, and yeah, you can do them on your own, and in the next video I'll show you how I did it, but make sure, pause, well, when this video finishes, go off, do your work, and then send me a screenshot, and submit it as your assignment so that I know you've done it. 

So what we're doing is the structure at the top here. So image and the text. Now the text is just going to be plain old text. I'll show you the finished examples. This is what yours is going to look like. Not really nice, but compared to what you had, better. 

This Header here, I want you to put an image on one side, so there's going to be a Div Tag going on this side with your image in it. There's going to be a Nav Div over this side with some text in it. Now the text is just plain old text. There's no Hyperlinks, or-- because we'll turn it into buttons in a future video. So no P-tags, just plain old text sitting in there. And the rules are, I want it to have a bit of padding. Either top and bottom. So we're going to remove the height. Once you get the logo in, remove the height of the Header, because it's superfluous, because we'll add a little bit of padding to the header, top and bottom. 

The big ones are getting this to be left, and this to be right, that is a tricky one, we've done it before. I'll give you a hint, it's kind of doing stuff. The same kind of thing we did to this to get these to separate out. We also want it to be centered in this Div. So the Header is, it's hard to just show but the Header is about this high. So these are sitting in the center, so is the image, kind of same as this. 

Let's have a quick look at the requirements here. So remember, in your Exercise Files, in your Class Projects, there's the Word doc. I've also got in your Project2 file, Class Project3. It's just like a screenshot of what you need to head towards. So change the background color as well, you would have noticed, a big change, that's the color there. Remove the color from the Header whenever you're ready. Add the Logo and Nav box. The image is in your Exercise Files. You'll have to copy it across to your local folder. This is the text to put in, remember don't style it. 

The Nav needs to be right aligned. Remove the background color and height from the Header, Padding to the top. Make sure they're both centered vertically. When you're done either post it in the Assignments, just take a screenshot, doesn't have to be all the code, just show me that you've done it. 

Either post it here in the Assignments, or you can post it in the Comments on this page, or Social Media, and tag me. So remember, Instagram, I'm @bringyourownlaptop, Twitter, I am danlovesadobe, and on Facebook group there's a Facebook group, go check that out. Just tag it with this, so that it's easy to find the web stuff for me. 

All right, enjoy the class project, we'll see how you get on. Right aligning, it's going to be the toughest one, if you find that frustrating, it's okay. We'll do it together in the next video. Good luck, I'll see you in a bit.