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Responsive Web Design Essentials - HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap

Setting up our new web design project & discussing our topics

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi everyone, this video is going to have two parts. We'll talk about the things that we're going to actually do, in this kind of next section of the course, and also we'll get the kind of course stuff set up, like the Remote Folder, and connecting the CSS, that type of stuff. So we'll do it first, we'll tidy everything up and get ready, then we'll go through everything we're going to do.
At the moment I'm on my Explorer here. We are currently using the local folder called Project1. I do not want to put a second website in here, because we don't want two index files, because we can't. So we're going to go to 'File', and we're going to go to 'Open'. Depends on how you like to do this, I'm going to go to my Desktop, and make a new folder, I'll call it Project2. Exciting. Click 'Open'. Nothing really happens, I've got an empty kind of folder. Back to the Welcome Screen. 

Outline, I'm going to close down by clicking on it. I'm going to create an Index file and Styles, and connect them both up. So 'File', 'New File', this one's going to be saved. It's going into the right place, nice. index.html, all spelt right, all has to be lower case. 

Let's create a second file. This one is going to be saved, it's going to be called Style. style.css, or Main, or Styles. We'll connect the two of them up. Actually let's just move them across by grabbing the Tab. It's getting nice and looking pretty before we get started. Let's connect the two, so remember, exclamation mark, '!', hit 'Return'. Puts it all in there underneath this. It doesn't have to be underneath this. I don't know why I feel like the title needs to be down below, but it doesn't have to be. There are some order issues later on, but at the moment, doesn't really matter what Styles are, as long as it's before the closing of the Head. 

So we're going to do a Link, and we'll do a linking of CSS, and let's pick Style, remember, just guessed it but that's what we got. And is that it? I think that is it. I like twirling it up, open as it is, because I find that confusing. That's me. 

Now let's talk about the things we're going to cover in this course. So let's have this up, this is what the designer did in Adobe XD. If you feel like, "What is this program XD?" It's a different bit of software, and it's just the design. It's not coding, it's not an actual website, it's just like a mock-up. It's a really good program, I've got a course on it. If you want to go check it out, look for my XD course, but what are we going to cover in this one? We are going to do things like Gradients in the background, there's a slight one there. We're going to build these kind of cards, where we're going to look at icons, we're going to look at creating like little modules. 

Probably the biggest thing we're going to cover in this course is something called Flexbox. We've been styling Divs at the moment, and kind of moving them around, we're going to have to kind of do some cool stuff, where they all stack next to each other, and bits on the left, and bits on the right, in the last project to keep it quite simple, so we can stage this stuff out. So I'm going to look through my list here. We're going to start off with CSS Reset. 

What else we're going to do? We're going to look at commenting in the code, we kind of looked at that already. Minimum height, Flexbox is the big one. We're going to do fonts, because at the moment we've just got Arial, we're going to do fancy Google fonts, and we're going to look at different font sizing, things like Themes and Rims. We'll look at images properly, how to create them, the differences between JPEGs and PNGs. We'll make these buttons instead of just text. There's one there, we'll add some Drop Shadows. Well there's a Drop Shadow on this fella here. Here he is. Rounded corners. 

Another couple of big ones, is we'll do a drop down menu, so when you book online that will drop down, and we'll actually have a proper navigation. We'll look at creating a form, rather than just that really simple 'mail to' we did in the last one. That's going to be it for this project, lots to cover. Project3, remember, is going to be a responsive website. So at the moment this one's not going to adjust for mobile, we'll get into that in the third project, and the fourth is going to be Bootstrap. All right, ready, set, go on to this new project. See you in the next video.