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Responsive Web Design Essentials - HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap

How to add a large multi line text box in a HTML form

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, this video is going to show you how to put in a big Text box with multiple lines and placeholder text. If for the life of you, you can't find it, it's because it's not an input like these other ones. It's just called plain old Text Area, but let's work out how to do it together now in the video. 

First thing, let's put it inside its own little Div, like we have here, the input wrapper, just to keep it on its own line. Here we go. How do we find it? The weird thing is that it's not an input type. So there's lots of inputs but weirdly it's not one of those. It's just called Text Area. Strange. There's a lot of the same functionality, just weird name. 

Now name and idea is the same. This is going to be our message, we can do the same for message. Columns and rows is interesting, I'm going to turn Wrapping back on. Every time I restart this thing, wrapping, wrap, wrap, wrap, you, toggle Word Wrap. So columns and rows, rows are easy, it's just how tall it is, and columns aren't columns like we've been talking about in this class. It's just how many characters wide. So it's 30, yeah 30 letters wide. Let's have a little look by default, let's go and have a look. I haven't launched it today, there we go, go live. 

There it is, that's my Text Area. So let's adjust rows down to 5, just so you can see. And we'll go columns, let's go 100. Crazy times, there you go. You can do other things to it as well, like before, so this is where, actually nothing goes inside of this, because that's where the actual people type, but just before it closes there, after rows of five, I'm going to put in space, I'm going to put in placeholder. This is a, this is just the placeholder text like before. There it is there, nice. 

Nothing else I can really tell you about that one, yeah, that's it. We're going to style it, and the text inside of it later on, after we've kind of gone through a few of them. I'll keep these all separate so that you can find them easy. That is the big box that you can type multiple lines into. Also known as Text Area. All right, next video.