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What code editor should I be using VS Code Sublime Dreamweaver Atom Brackets

Daniel Walter Scott

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All right, let's talk Code Editors. We've been using VS code so far, and we're going to continue for this course. Why? Because it's the most popular. Mainly because it's the most fashionable. There's some quirks to it that make it awesome, but there are people out there that argue that Sublime Text is the best, or Brackets is, or Dreamweaver is, or Atom, or Notepad++, there's lots of different editors. Let's jump into this video and just give you a quick run through a few of them. Just to kind of show you what you should look for, and what's important. All right, let's get in there. 

So we've been using Visual Studio Code for our text editor. Now we could have done this course in any of the editing programs. We only use VS code in this case because VS code is the most popular. So, my previous courses I've used Dreamweaver, because I often spend my life in the Adobe world, but I guess what I wanted to show you real quick was, first of all, how these editors are really helpful, but often can be very, what do you call, fashionable. 

So if I'd done this course a year ago or two years ago, it probably would have been in this one called Sublime Text, because it was the most popular then. Before that there was things like Komodo, and before that there was Notepad++. There's lots of different editors, but we all end up in the same place doing the same thing. They're just, people get used to some of the quirks to them. So I've downloaded and installed Sublime Text, just to show you, like, if you're getting started in Sublime, it's a lot cleaner, and if I want to put in all my kind of document stuff for HTML, in this case, instead of exclamation mark and tab, it's 'HTML', and hit 'Tab'. 

You can see, we get to a very similar place. It doesn't have as much in the document type, just the real basics, but we end up at the same place. We go down here, we type 'h1'. And we start typing. Same with, let's look at brackets; brackets is another popular one. Exclamation mark, tab, works the same as it did in VS code. They don't have all the bits and pieces that we want in VS code. They decide on a real kind of minimum option. Dreamweaver as well, great code editor. If we go to 'File', 'New', they do it automatically. If you say you want an HTML page, you say 'html5', click 'Create'. You can see, puts in all the bits and pieces you need to get started. 

The reason I show you this, if you're looking for work after this, so you start working with different developers, and using different editors, there's not really-- they have their own perks and quirks, but we are creating the same thing. The way I do it, like when I was designing this course, was trying to work out which one to use, Stack Overflow, I mentioned that earlier, they do a developer survey at the end of the year. So it's 2019 now, and this is last year's survey. I just kind of went through, and, you can see down here, way down the page, the result's back for Visual Studio Code, is by far the most popular. 

You can see, Visual Studio is the big version of this. Notepad++, Sublime Text, Atom, I thought was a lot higher. There's just, people love their own editors, but unlike something like Photoshop where there's, only cover one product, and one or two competing, there's a lot of different code editors. Some of them quite general, like the one we're using. Some of them a lot more specific for, let's say PHP or Xcode, but anyway, I thought a little short video explaining different editors, in case you want to move to something else, or expected to use something else, you can use what you learn in this course in a different editor. All right, let's go on to the next video.