Responsive Web Design Essentials - HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap

How is this web design course structured

Daniel Walter Scott

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Hi there, welcome to the course. This video, I want to talk about how this course is structured. So it's broken into five parts. We'll start at the beginning with just a real basic introduction to HTML and CSS. Then we'll start our very first project. 

So Phase 1, quick introduction. Phase 2, we'll build this website. So we'll take out kind of basic HTML and CSS introduction, and turn it into this website here. Nice simple one to get started. 

The third thing we'll do is we'll create this Roar Cycles website. Now this website is just a little bit more advanced. Let's say it's intermediate HTML and CSS. We cover the basics in the first one, and then we get into a little bit more detail here. 

Third part is, we'll make our site responsive. Just means it's going to adjust for the different browsers, so mobile phones, tablets, and websites. It's this one here, it's a portfolio site, nice, simple one. You can see here, it adjusts for different browser widths. 

And then the finale for the course, is looking at a framework. The framework that we're going to be using in this course is called Bootstrap. It's super popular, and it just means we can take all our knowledge that we know so far, and kind of condense it down and use it really quickly to build sites. And we're going to introduce things like this jQuery slider here. And we just slide across, there's these cards down the bottom. There's an easy Mobile Nav. 

It's a really great addition to anybody that's building websites. A framework like Bootstrap is going to make you go super fast, make you look super professional, without you having to do all the heavy lifting. All right, I hope you're ready. It's time to get started and actually start building websites. I will see you in the course.