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Creating a Dreamweaver email link

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 28 of 53

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Hey my name is Dan in this video were going to look at doing the last kind of link which is an email link so we’ve done a link that goes no where which is our place holder link which is our pound symbol or our hash now we’ve also linked to an external site which we did down here in the link and that’s the one id like to change this one instead of you clicking this at the moment to the bring your own laptop site.


Id like it to open up your email browser and send me an email. So to do this I’m going to double click it and highlight our little text here and you can see there it is there. Now mail to is just a special bit of text you need to put into here so it needs to be spelt perfectly right, so it needs to be mail to it needs to be a colon then you put in your email address so mine is training at and that would work. But there’s another thing you can do, lets just test it that way, I’m going to click enter and were going to go out and test it now, so I’m going to test it in a browser for a moment. And you can see down the bottom here, there he is now if I click it, its going to open up my email browser and send me an email which is great.


And lets jump back into dreamweaver and lets add a little extra bit to it, so I’m going to double click it, highlight it and I’m going to change it from being just this, you can add a little bit of extra syntax to the end here, you can put a question mark and you put in subject and you put in equals, so you might use this say in your contact us page and it might be a website enquiry. And if I click enter now and I go out and test it in a browser again, great when I click this link down the bottom here, I click its going to open up my default email program and you can see its filled up subject there in terms of enquiry. Great so that’s how to do a email link.