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Hey, my name is Dan. In this video we're going to look at what to do next.

Now, we got to the end of our tutorial series. Things that you can be doing is, you could continue on and add on a few extra pages. We've just done the Home page and the Contact Us page. You could go through and do the About Us page, and maybe some products or services just to get your skills up. You might now just start creating your own website. And because it's going to be your first website be sure to drop me any questions in the forms, or in the comments section. You're going to run into some issues, and I'm happy to help.

Now, there'll be a link just at the bottom of this video here where you can go off and check my final version, where I got doing the tutorial, so that you can compare against yours. You might have got to a point where at the end here, you got a few extra issues that I didn't have on the videos. You can download my version and just see and compare how your one is versus my one.

Now is the good time to request other tutorial as well. I'm busy spending the year making videos. Ask questions, it might be a big topic, it might be a small topic. It might be a small poster I made for you, it might turn into a full video series. Drop your ideas, or what you'd like to see in the comments below, or the discussion, or the form below. And we'll see what we can make of this.

Another nice thing you might do now is, you might check out some of the other video tutorials, if you haven't. There's a series on how to use Photoshop to do the design aspect of Web Design. We've used Dreamweaver in this tutorial series to do the production, the making of it, but all the design work was done in another video series called Photoshop for Web Design.

Another video series you might be interested in, a short one, is about buying your domain name. You might already have one, but check it out, it's a really interesting thing to go through if you are going to be a Web Designer, helping other people pick domain names. What to pick? Local versus dot coms. All sorts of interesting things for domain names. So go off and check that one as well.

All right, that's it. I'll see you in the next video.