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What is BootStrap?

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NOTE: this course uses Bootstrap 3. Dreamweaver has recently updated to Bootstrap version 4. You can change it back to 3 using the ‘New Document > Bootstrap > Preferences'. Please do this before starting the course.

Some versions of Dreamweaver will require you to download the specific Bootstrap version you want to use and link it within the site. You can download Bootstrap 3 here: http://getbootstrap.com/docs/3.3/

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Hey my name is Dan and in this video we are going to look at what BootStrap is. Now BootStrap is super important to know because it is how responsiveness is done through websites. Now there are lots of different ways of doing responsive websites but BootStrap is definitely the most popular at the moment. And if you want to be a web designer you really need to understand and probably use BootStrap. Even if you don’t use it you probably need to really understand what it is because you are probably going to have clients coming in and using the word and throwing it around. So we also need to know it because Dreamweaver uses it. It used to use something else called fluid layouts but now it uses BootStrap so its kind of what we need to learn for when we are using Dreamweaver.


It came not that long ago, I was kind of researching it thinking aw yeah, I’ll check, give them some factoids bout how old BootStrap is and it turns out its only a few years old, 2011, when it was kind of released and its gone through a couple of versions since then. But it feels like the word BootStrap, or at least twitter BootStrap is the old word for it, it feels like its been around for ages but it is actually only a few years. It was made by just a couple of guys there, a developer and a designer, just trying to make things quite simple for responsive. Now what is BootStrap? Think of it, its called a framework, think of it as a template, somebody else has gone out there and created a whole bunch of things that we can use and style and build on top of, but they’ve done all the hard work. They’ve done the browser testing, the bug fixing, what happens in this browser, what happens at this screen size. All of those sorts of things have been worked out by somebody else which is brilliant for us. And there are kind of like two main parts to BootStrap. There’s something called components, which are just pre made bits of code and then there’s something called the grid which is essentially a kind of like foundation or base of all the websites but lets talk about those in two separate parts.