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How to edit CSS using Dreamweaver 2015?

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Hey my name is Dan and in this video we are going to be looking at editing css rules. Now we've kinda done it as we have bee going along but I want to make it official the way you go and edit css rules once they have been made. Say that you want to edit this h1 one, there are a couple of things you can do. One is you can click inside of it, it might grab it by default which is quite good, otherwise you might have to select it in this row down here, this is called your tag selector, I can click on h1 and it doesn’t really do much unless we switch to current. Current is really helpful once you start getting a bit used to Dreamweaver. Is that, watch this, if I click and now I'm behind the p tag, can you see it jumped to the class? Or if I jumped this p tag here, you can see it jumped to the class that I selected which is first text, which is great. It also means say that if I want to jump along here to the band hero; can you see it jumped to band hero? So its quite helpful in the undercurrent to kind of click around and it will adjust over this side. But if you are new, it is better to stay at all and you can just see them all in a nice big long list and you can shuffle through them and find them. It’s all up to how you want to work.


So lets click on, I want to adjust this h1; I've got two ways of doing it. I can click on h1 here and go and adjust it, remember we've got the show set to show everything that can be done to it or just the bits that have been done to it already and we can adjust them. Another way you can do it is go into your css, there’s our main.css, and I’m going to go to full code view, and you can find it in here and change it, you need to know a little bit of syntax, css is pretty easy though. The main bits are, say that I want an h1, you can see the semi colon here, and I’m going to put a return in afterwards. And lets say I want to put some, I don’t know, some padding on the left hand side, so I could put padding. And you can see Dreamweaver tries to help out, you can see I can scroll down to left, hit enter, there’s a full colon there and then we are going to put in, it doesn’t need a space but I like to put them in. And lets put in say, a pixel ratio, a pixel method of 20 pixels, and then don’t forget to put the closing semi colon. Lets hit save, so file, save, let’s do save all. Jump back to live view and you will notice that our h1 now, has 20 pixels padding on the size there. I'm going to turn it off by doing it the other way. Click on my h1 here, show set, there’s my pixels and I'm going to bin it, okay, and that 20 pixels is gone.


All right, that’s how you adjust classes, and its not just for fonts, you could do that for any of the classes that you’ve done in the course so far.