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Dreamweaver - Building Responsive Bootstrap websites

How to apply bootstrap columns widths (xs sm md lg xl) in Dreamweaver

Daniel Walter Scott || VIDEO: 40 of 53

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Hi, my name is Dan. Welcome back to our regular website. We've understood now how column widths work, when dealing with Media Queries. Let's go and apply it.

I'm going to jump to Photoshop. So there's my design for Large, and here's my design for Mobile. And the big changes are-- this is about the same. We're going to turn this image off when it gets down to Mobile. We'll do that last. We also want to switch the way that these guys are structured around. So instead of them stacking side by side, they're going to stack on top of each other. And the same with these Portfolios here. I should have gone through and done a Tablet version, and matched all four versions, but to make these tutorials a little bit shorter I'm just going to do Large and Mobile, and skip Tablet. You should be doing Tablet though, you should be doing designs for it, and work out what it's going to do at those different stages.

So in here, I'm going to work down, I'm not going to be working on this one. I'm going to be working on this chunk here. Now, when I'm at Large view-- go to 'Large'. It is stacked next to each other. What I'd like to do is, when it gets down to Small-- I've realized there’s problem with him. We have to work out what his problem is later on. You might not have that problem at the moment, I just noticed him there. We'll fix him a little bit later on. When we get down to Mobile, I'd like you to do this. I'd like that the icon is on the left, and the text is on the right. So let's see if we can do that.

Here's my first one. I'm making sure I'm in this Small view, or xs view. I'm going to make this one-- at the moment, it's defaulted to 12, so it's pushing it's text underneath it. So I'm going to shrink him up a little bit. So he is, maybe, 5 across. And in this one here, it needs to be a smaller size, to the next one. And here it's going to be 7. So there's my two units there, I've got one that's 5, and one that is - I'm going to grab the corner around the outside. - is 7. So when he's at Large, 12, when he is down at Extra small, he is set to 7. We'll play around with Left Aligning him when we deal with the next video, when we deal with the Styles, because there's a Left Aligned.

Nothing to do with these boxes here. So let's go through and do it for this guy as well. He's going to be down to '5'. Development's going to get down to '7'. I'll do the same for all of these guys. Make sure you grab the outside container, a slight problem with him. It's allowing me now, I worked out what it is. Get down, smaller, '5'. This one here is going to get down to-- this one here shouldn't say App Development, this one should be Video. Somewhere along the line I've missed that, or lost it. You, shrink down, please. Usually it doesn't, if it has, a really kind of weird freak out, like my one's doing now. Doesn’t know what it's doing. What you can do is hit this 'Refresh' button along the top. Often that kind of gets it all back, settled, and working again.

Go to Dreamweaver. This one here, I'm going to change from App Development to Video. Ignoring our button of Photography, let's have a preview in the browser. Nice preview, opens up. Down here is the Desktop, it's all nice. And I'm going to shrink it down. And you'll notice now, when it gets down to Mobile, it's tracking Icon on this side and the Text on this right hand side here. There's a few little layout issues I want to deal with. So this guy is annoying me too much. We're going to go figure him out now. We'll find out what is wrong to make him look nice.

I notice, this one here, there's a p-tag with 'text-center-text-option1' wrapped around it, and the 'a-tag'. So I'm going to click on here, the 'p-tag', there he is there. And I'm going to apply to Classes, one is 'text-centered'. There you are, my friend. And I'm going to add another one, which is called 'text-option 1'. I'm going to apply that one. Replace my 'p-tag'. I'll call this one 'text-option 1'. I know they're not Left Aligned, at least, they're now looking the same.

Next we're going to work on is these guys. It's kind of doing what I want, and it's kind of matching what I've got here in my Mobile view. Mobile view actually has a little bit-- I want to actually change it a little bit. I want to actually stack these guys side by side. So it's going to be four of them, and they're going to be stacked 2 and 2. What I need to do now is, I'm going to click on this 'top one'. And at Large, it spans 3. Which gives me my 3, 3, 3, 3, that's 12. What I want to do is, do it 6 and 6 equals 12. So I'm going to drag this one down, it only has a Class of lg, but when I drag it, it adds another Class for xs, of 6. I'm going to go through and make all of these guys 6. You are 6, actually go to 'columns'. They start overlapping, doing weird stuff when they're all not finished. You might find this easier to do in Code view. I'm going to try and struggle on in Live view. Drag him on. Little bit of dragging, and hoping. I can see 6, 6, 6, 6. Great. Let's 'Save' it. I'm going to jump out to my demo version. Roll down.

So at Mobile view, they're side by side, but when they're on Desktop view, they're all stripped along here. So we're getting there. We've got a Desktop view, and a Mobile view. You should be working on your Tablet view as well and dealing with the one called sm, and deciding what to do when it gets to md as well. We're going to skip that along just to make this tutorial fly. In the next video let's check how to disable and enable objects depending on the Media Queries.