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Hi, my name is Dan and in this video we are going to look at how to download the exercise files, the project files and the productions videos. First up, exercise files. These are just so that you can play along. So my tutorials that we are going to be doing in this video, you can download the images, any text that we are using, any colours, any fonts, just to make it easier for you. There will be a link probably along the video here or it will be in a link in the description or comments below. Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll get these types of things. So here it is on the desktop, the Dreamweaver exercise files that you’ve downloaded. Open them up, and you can see in here, there’s just a text file for all the colours that we are going to be using. You can obviously follow along and make your own colours, that’s totally fine. But if you want to follow along perfectly, there are fonts that we are going to use and follow along with Google fonts. Of course you can use your own. Images, to play along, there’s a bunch of them in here; there’s icons and some jpegs and a few of the things in there for you. And the text that we are going to be using, you could just Loren Ipsem or any kind of filler text or your own text is okay.


The next thing that I've put up there for you to play along with is the project files. Now the project files are at the end of every video. I'm just going to say where we are at, where we are up to in the tutorial so that if you get lost or if yours isn’t working perfectly, you could download the project files and just see where you're up to. Compare my version with your version just to work out the bugs. You can grab those if you need to. There are also production videos. Production videos are, you will see them through the list of contents of the different videos. They’re kind of at the end of every section, there’s a production video. I'm going to be describing a principle and describing it and generating it and we will be ready to go. But lots of them will then have to be repeated quite a few times through the project. So we’ll learn, say, how to make a responsive image once and we will get the ideas and work on it and understand it but then I'm going to have to do it to like say 20 other images. So I've cut them into separate little videos so that you can skip those if you’ve got the idea right and you just kinda need to blaze through these tutorials. But if you want to, the production videos are there, and you will pick up little nuggets of work flow, how to get things done in a repetitive kind of fashion. But yeah, they’re a little boring, so you can skip on past those ones.


All right, so that’s exercise files, project files and productions videos, we will see you in the next video.