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What is responsive web design

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Responsive web design is a way to change your website depending on the browser size. Now I'm showing here, Smashing magazine. Smashing magazine is a website that I read a lot. And I really like the effort they went into to redesign the different pages depending on the browser size. So at the moment we are looking at it as you would on a really big screen like an iMac or kind of a 4k monitor, something really big and high definition. You can see there’s a nav on the left, a subnav, our main content and some ads. But once I get smaller, say down to a regular desktop view, can you see it changes? It goes down to this navigation here, our main content and ads. But it gets smaller, say down to a tablet view. It changes quite a bit, ditches the ads, navigation becomes a bit smaller, this is along the top here now. If I go down even smaller down to the mobile view, things change quite a bit again. Now the easiest way at the moment to do responsive is to use something called bootstrap. Now bootstrap is what Dreamweaver uses to makes responsive and I guess it’s special enough to have its own little section so lets go off now and find out what bootstrap is and how it works with Dreamweaver.