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Welcome, in this video we're going to look at bringing in images into Excel. We're going to re-size them, and put them in the top left of our quotation. So let's go and do that now.

It's super easy, doesn't really matter where you click, because images can be moved around anywhere you like. Click on the cell, roughly where you want it to go. And then go up to 'Insert', along towards to where it says 'Pictures'.

Go off and find your pictures. If you're working with my course, go and download the exercise files. There'll be a link in the description, along with the comments, on this page. And in 'Exercise Files', we're going to use this Bring Your Own Laptop, or BYOL logo. Bring it in. It's going to come in at whatever size it was created at. It's quite a big image here. So I'm going to select anywhere, and use the bottom right corner. And I'll just go click, hold, and drag.

We're going to drag up towards the top left corner. And you can re-size it. So I'm going to get it to a more appropriate size for our quote. About there. And that is how you bring in an image.

Now, to move it around, you just click anywhere, but the edges. It doesn't really matter, they don't sit in cells like text does. You can put it anywhere you like. You can't put it up past the margins that we set earlier. So if you want to have it a bit further up here, you're going to have to go back into your 'Page Layout', go to 'Margins', and you're going to have to go to 'Custom Margins', we'll just make 'Narrow' margins. And bring it close to the edges here, depending on how you want to do. I'm going to put my ‘Margins' back to 'Wide'. And still in the top left hand corner there.

Great, that's it. Let's go in the next video, and start adding some of our text for our quote.